CAA Book's Lack of Index Frustrates Hollywood Readers

Power House CAA Book Cover-H 2016
Courtesy of Harper Collins

Hollywood insiders still are poring over James Andrew Miller's Powerhouse: The Untold Story of Hollywood's Creative Artists Agency (read Peter Biskind's review for The Hollywood Reporter here). At 752 pages, it's a daunting read, but some self-obsessed types are hoping to take a shortcut.

David Langford, manager at West Hollywood's Book Soup, tells THR that the store ordered 220 copies (compared with 30 for a typical high-profile release) and expects it to be a No. 1 seller. "Everybody does the same thing when they come in," he says about shoppers who flip to the back to check for their name in an index. When they don't find one, "they slam it shut."

Someone who would need to devote considerable time to finding their name without the help of an index is Michael Ovitz. He is quoted more than anyone else in the book with 216 entries compared to Ron Meyer's 134. To get the full rundown, click here for THR's ranking of the top people who are quoted in Miller's buzzy tome.

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