CAA "Gender Jar": Indya Moore Asks Agents to Pay for Using Wrong Pronouns

Agents at CAA have to be extremely attentive whenever discussing client Indya Moore. There's now a "gender jar" in the Century City office and anyone who uses the wrong pronoun to refer to the 24-year-old Pose star has to stuff money into it.

"I think we're at around $2,000 so far," Moore tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I thought it would be a great way to hold people accountable. The more you misgender people, the more you have to spend."

Although a benefactor has yet to be named, Moore says the cash will be donated to worthy organizations that support black trans and gender-nonconforming individuals. Note to cash-strapped agents: Moore identifies as nonbinary, so the pronouns the actor prefers are "they," "them" and "theirs."

“I created a [GoFundMe] people can donate to. I’m giving that back to the community, whatever funds we raise," says Moore, who opens up on the fundraising page about their gender journey. "My choice to identify as nonbinary — though I typically express in femme ways — is to constantly disrupt the notion of the gender construct. Binaries force us into performative expectations that none of us purely live up to, and when we choose to live outside of those expectations we experience violence — trans and gender-variant people experience the worst kinds. Gender binaries aren’t just harmful to people who are trans and queer, they are harmful to all of us."

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