Candy Spelling Called Out for Delaying Sean Hayes' 'An Act of God' on Opening Night

Candy Spelling Called Out - H 2016
Courtesy of Jim Cox

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Sean Hayes opened his run Feb. 10 as the Almighty One in the comedy An Act of God, now playing at DTLA's Ahmanson Theatre. About 25 minutes into the show, ushers let in late guests in a gag in which Hayes' God pokes fun at tardy stragglers.

On opening night, it was Candy Spelling holding up the show, taking her time to get to the sixth row. "I am the Lord … but I'll wait," Hayes quipped as the crowd laughed. The Emmy winner went on to skewer Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ted Cruz. In the program, God gets a cast bio that lists God's manager, 3 Arts Entertainment's David Miner.

Reached by THR, the manager jokingly says another client, Act of God scribe and The Daily Show vet David Javerbaum, introduced Miner to God: "Our relationship is simple: For every ten commandments he makes, I get one."