Cannes: 'Game of Thrones' Fans Scrambling to Find French Venues for Finale Viewing

Game of Thrones - Season 8, Episode 6 -Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen- H 2019
Courtesy of HBO

Bump into anyone at the Cannes Film Festival and the talk usually goes down like this: "Where are you staying? How long will you be here? What movies are you seeing? Can you get me into any parties?"

This year, however, conversations have included a new query: "Where are you watching the Game of Thrones series finale?"

It turns out the answers are just as mysterious as to whether Daenerys, Jon Snow or fan favorite Arya Stark will assume the Iron Throne. This year's festival in the South of France runs May 14-25, meaning that the the battle for the throne ends will screen on Monday morning at 3 a.m. — or for some, late Sunday night on May 19 — leaving many insiders wondering where to gather to see how the Westeros drama unfolds in the finale episode. Or scrambling. 

The Hollywood Reporter has reached out to numerous entertainment-industry insiders and stars, asking them where and how they plan to watch the final episode. There were rumblings that venues had been trying to organize viewing events, including the American Pavilion. A rep for AmPav did not return THR's request for comment. 

THR was in touch with one oceanfront venue that, as of Saturday evening, had been trying to nail down an event but due to unpredictable Wi-Fi (made even more challenging due to inclement weather), it could not be confirmed. And no one seems willing to take a gamble with this episode, the anticipated climax of TV's most awarded and most epic series. For those in the U.S. with HBO Go accounts, logins don't work in France, so locals on the ground must catch it on either Sky TV or Orange Cinema Series in France. Episodes air live at 3 a.m. and are typically replayed again Monday night at 9 p.m., per channel guides. 

Schedules aside, Chloe Sevigny — in town to support her opening-night film The Dead Don't Die and the world premiere of her short film White Echo — had other ideas. "Blasting out that you need a means to watch GOT on instagram doesn’t hurt," she suggested to THR when asked where and how she would be watching. "I’ve yet to watch last week's [episode] and looking at my schedule now to carve out time. Events like this are are so rare nowadays. It’s the joy and rarity of this sort of communal experience that I’m sad to miss."

Others are planning to skip the finale and spoilers in favor of waiting until they get home. Greg Fleming, a coordinator at Arclight Films, tells THR, “I’m planning on holding off watching it until I get back home. Going to avoid spoilers by hiding in the crypts — supposed to be pretty safe down there.”

Meanwhile, his CFO, Brian Beckman, says if he can't figure out a way to watch Thrones in Cannes, he's got a cheeky plan. "I’ll be drowning my sorrows in Dornish wine with an imp at the local brothel," he quipped. "As Sir Bronn once said, 'Drink until you feel like you did the right thing.'"

Maybe the right thing is staying up late Sunday night? Sevigny hasn't ruled out that possibility. 

"Should all us Throners convene Sunday at 3 a.m?" she asks.