Chris Pine Raves About His "Miracle" Skincare Secret

Chris Pine - 2016 Hell or High Water Photocall Cannes - Getty - H 2018
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Now would be a good time to invest in Accutane stock.

During an intimate Q&A last Wednesday at the Sowden House in Los Angeles, a young man in the audience raised his hand to ask Chris Pine a question. Instead of asking about the actor's full frontal scene in Netflix's Outlaw King or about the dark TV show I Am the Night Pine was there to promote, the man asked about skincare.

"Chris, your skin is so good. What's your beauty regimen?" he shouted, prompting laughs from the crowd of influencers.

"Excellent question," Pine said. "Well, today I did a nice, deep sauna off the plane. It was a six-hour flight. I shaved out of the sauna. It came out so great. But I don't really wash my skin. I had really awful skin as a teenager."

Panel moderator Catt Sadler jumped in: "How did you cure it? Do tell." To which Pine replied, "Accutane," a last-resort drug also known as Isotretinoin that's used to treat acne. "Stop it! Really? It worked for you?" Sadler asked. "Yeah, I've been on Accutane. It's the miracle drug of all time," said the actor.

Pine is no longer taking the powerful medication (whose side effects can include birth defects if women use it while pregnant), but Sadler needed to hear more. "We should talk," she told him at the end.