Dakota Johnson on Time's Up at the Golden Globes: "There's a Sense of Solidarity"

Dakota Johnson and Time's Up Button - Inset - Getty - H 2018
Amanda Edwards/WireImage (Button), Frederick M. Brown (Johnson), both Getty Images

On a red carpet awash in a river of black gowns, A-list actresses confessed relief.

"It was different because when you go to?these award shows, you're literally getting?judged. That’s all that happens on the red carpet and when you get in the room," Emilia Clarke told THR. "Suddenly you're there and you're like, 'I'm not being judged at all.' We are looking out?instead of looking in. We're celebrating and all together in this. It was just beautiful."

Said Dakota Johnson: "Typically, I find myself on autopilot when I go down a red carpet because I'm anticipating 'Who are you wearing' questions, and things that don't necessarily have anything to do with film. Tonight is quite different. Everyone is very alert and aware and there's a sense of solidarity and a sense of wanting to convey a message. Men and women are very supportive of each other." 

Both genders were seen sporting the Time's Up pin, and THR has learned that, in total, 500 pins went out for Sunday's red carpet. Time's Up also now has an online store where people can buy pins ($12), logo T-shirts ($25), stickers ($3), tote bags ($12), and notebooks ($25), sales of which will support the fund.

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