DirecTV Censors Viceland's Dirty Show Listings

Direct TV -Action Bronson sampled a treat in Fuck That’s Delicious - H 2016
Courtesy of Viceland

Fans of Viceland's original series (assuming there are any — Viceland doesn't release Nielsen numbers) may not recognize their favorite shows when scanning program guides from cable and satellite providers. On DirecTV, for instance, Fuck That's Delicious, which follows rapper Action Bronson as he travels and eats with pals, has been cut to the more demure That's Delicious, while Balls Deep, which features journalist Thomas Morton diving into various subcultures, has been retitled B.Deep. Neither Vice nor DirecTV has any comment, abbreviated or otherwise, on the listing censorship.

However, a source tells The Hollywood Reporter that some outlets, like DirecTV, receive program listings from Gracenote, a leading provider of TV, movie, music and sports data and media recognition technologies.

Regarding the title swaps, a Gracenote rep confirms that it was Viceland that changed the names.

"Gracenote provides program titles, descriptions and art to customers that conform to established editorial guidelines including some relating to profane language. We will on occasion edit titles or descriptions so that they meet these standards," the rep says. "But in the case of the Viceland TV shows, Viceland proactively provided us with sanitized versions of the titles which we provided to DirecTV."

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