Disney Publicist Jeffrey Epstein Is "Not That Jeffrey Epstein"

Jeffrey R. Epstein - Publicity - H 2019
Rick Rowell/Disney Channel

Now is not the best time to be named Jeffrey Epstein, even if you are a mild-mannered, well-liked Disney publicist and not an alleged pedophiliac sex-trafficking monster.

Shortly after the latter Epstein's July 8 arrest, the former started getting tagged on social media by outraged users mistaking him for the purported sex criminal ("Your money can't protect you from the fact that you're an abusive child trafficker and rapist," read one Twitter post). At one point, his Twitter account was tagged by Yahoo Entertainment in a story about the other Epstein's arrest.

Famous friends and supporters have rallied to his defense. Yvette Nicole Brown tweeted, “General PSA: My friend [Disney’s Jeffrey Epstein] has the same name as the monster arrested today, but he is not THAT #JeffreyEpstein yet his feed is in shambles. My bud, Jeffrey is a lovely guy who works for Disney. Nicest guy EVER.”

Kathy Griffin posted, "The reactions you get from people must be everything from terrifying to priceless."

While Epstein himself could not be reached for comment to discuss the mixup with THR, he has recently added the middle initial "R" to his email signature.

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