DJ Jazzy Jeff on 'Fresh Prince' Home Hitting Airbnb: "Being at the House Reminded Me of All the Good Times"

Fresh Prince Home Airbnb

As the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air sets a return to TV screens with a dramatic reboot series on Peacock, Uncle Phil and Aunt Vivian’s iconic home is also making a comeback.

The real-life Brentwood residence has been converted to an Airbnb for five nights between Oct. 2 and Oct. 14 for $30 a night, in honor of 30 years since the show hit the air. Will Smith is serving as Airbnb host, and the digs have been redesigned to look like he lived there in 2020 — with classic Fresh Prince touches like a graffiti wall, DJ turntables, foosball table, displays of classic Air Jordans and Bel-Air Athletics gear, and a luxury pool area. The space is decorated with framed photos of Smith and the late James Avery, and one wall also features signatures and messages from the cast, including Karyn Parsons, who played Hilary, who wrote, “Oh, the memorable times in the pool house!” where her character lived for part of the series.

There was a race to book the house when reservations went live Sept. 29, with a first-come, first-served system only open to groups of two L.A. County residents from the same household due to COVID-19 precautions.

“It’s been incredible to be part of turning this mansion that holds so many memories for me into a place for people to actually stay on Airbnb,” says DJ Jazzy Jeff, who hosted a companion online Airbnb experience to teach guests how to spin and scratch. "Being at the house reminded me of all the good times on set with a cast that turned into family. Whether we were joking around, hanging in our dressing rooms or listening to music — something always brought us together.”

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