Elizabeth Chambers Hammer Offers Selfies to Help Daughter Sell Girl Scout Cookies

ONE TIME USE_Elizabeth Chambers Hammer Girl Scouts - Publicity - H 2020

Elizabeth Chambers Hammer has a few titles that chase her name: journalist, TV host, Bird Bakery founder and CEO, wife of actor Armie Hammer, to mention a few.

But there’s one résumé builder — Girl Scout Cookies sales record-holder — she’s passing along to 5-year-old daughter Harper. “I held the record in Colorado for selling the most cookies when I was younger,” Chambers Hammer told Rambling Reporter at “An Unforgettable Evening” cancer benefit when asked about her recent appearance at The Grove selling the $5 seasonal favorites. “My dad was our volunteer Girl Scout cookie mom and he gave [my troop] severe quotas that I always met.”

She jokes it was the beginnings of her Bird Bakery, which she runs in Dallas and San Antonio, and that it was long before the internet and Instagram, the latter of which she’s leaned on to help boost Harper’s sales. Though she isn’t slapping quotas on Harper, she is instead leveraging her social media footprint (251,000 Instagram followers) to drum up sales. “Thank God for the internet — they make it so easy now you can just place online orders. We sold almost 1,200 boxes online,” she explains, not to mention in-person sales at The Grove and Palisades Village. “We had prime real estate.”

She’s got another trick up her sleeve for anyone who spotted her with the troop and asked for a selfie: “They have to buy cookies if they want photos. People just love it. It's an easy sell.”

A version of this story first appeared in the March 11 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Click here to subscribe.