Emmys: Meet the All-Male Revue Competing With the Night's Big Afterparties

Magic Men Live - H - 2016
Courtesy of Magic Men Live

After all the Emmy Awards are taken out of the Microsoft Theater on Sept. 18, steps away inside the same L.A. Live complex, a bunch of buff men will be taking off their clothes as part of an all-male revue titled Magic Men Live at The Novo by Microsoft.

A press release sent to media outlets linked the two events, reading in part, “While some of Hollywood will be walking away with gold, the REAL winners of the night are going to be at Magic Men Live.”

Emmy winners may disagree, but the inspiration behind the 18+ flesh-flashing show developed by Myles Hass is said to come from films like Magic Mike and Fifty Shades of Grey but isn't to be confused with the official Magic Mike spinoff — Magic Mike Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino —  previewed by its creator Channing Tatum on Ellen recently.

As for his Emmy afterparty competition, Hass tells THR he's not worried. "We know that the evening offers a ton of options, but I feel pretty safe in saying that what we will be doing over at the Novo will be unlike any other afterparty," he boasts. "We think this is an awesome opportunity to share this crazy little experience of ours with some of Hollywood's greatest — so on your way from the telecast to the HBO party, swing on by. I have no doubt that anyone who does is going to have a blast and have something to talk about for quite a while."

Shirtless dancers perform for the crowd as part of Magic Men Live. (Photo courtesy: Magic Men Live.)

Magic Men Live is described as the "first live stage production to bring the phenomenon of Magic Mike, Fifty Shades of Grey and others to life." How have the influences from those films translated to the stage?

Our show is all about bringing different fantasies to life onstage in a fun and exciting way that our audiences wouldn't expect! Our inspiration comes from TV, film, music, so bringing the show to L.A. is huge for us. We have been traveling the country doing sold-out shows almost 50 weeks out of the year to massive crowds. We are about to sell out a 5,000-seat stadium in Denver next month. We are just dying to give Hollywood a taste. You'll simply have to come to see what we mean.

Shirtless dancers perform for the crowd as part of Magic Men Live. (Photo courtesy: Magic Men Live.)

People describe Magic Men Live as "interactive." What does that really mean?

What we mean is that the audience is as much a part of the show as the actual entertainers! Suffice to say you should come prepared for a "hands-on" experience.

Speaking of TV, what's your favorite TV show and if you were to bump into any TV stars that night — or welcome any to a seat at your show — who would it be and why?

A bit outdated, I guess, but I am still a huge fan of Entourage. I also love Ballers. I can only imagine how our audience would react if The Rock came by! Dwayne, if you are reading this, we have a special spot for you in the show. Truly, there are a ton of stars that I would love to have see Magic Men Live. And let's just say anyone with an Emmy Award gets in free!

Shirtless dancers perform for the crowd as part of Magic Men Live. (Photo courtesy: Magic Men Live.)