Garrett Hedlund Joins Informal Tiger Squad in Support of Discovery's ProjectCAT

The initiative, in partnership with World Wildlife Fund, is designed to help boost the number of tigers living in the wild while preserving their natural habitat.
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Hollywood has gone cat crazy.

Garrett Hedlund is the latest in a long list of bold-faced names — everyone from Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen DeGeneres to Jared Leto and Cecily Strong — to show support for Discovery's ProjectCAT. The initiative, which stands for Conserving Acres for Tigers, operates in partnership with World Wildlife Fund on a mission to keep tigers from extinction and thus, ensure a safe future for the species. It is being spearheaded by David Zaslav, CEO of Discovery Communications.

The animals have been under close watch as their numbers continue to dwindle due to growing human populations, loss of habitat, illegal hunting and other issues. According to Discovery, 96 percent of wild tigers have been lost over the last century alone. The organizations are looking to new celebrity partners as well as the upcoming holiday season (and adopt-a-tiger gifts) to help raise awareness and funds to further the cause. 

Hedlund, who was spotted carrying a stuffed tiger last week in Los Angeles, is the latest celebrity to join the ranks and show their support for the campaign. He follows the others mentioned above who tweeted their support in 2017 (on Global Tiger Day on July 29) for ProjectCAT. On the left coast, the movement has gained traction courtesy of well-known street artist Sonny, who pained a tiger mural in Manhattan's Soho neighborhood. 

Discovery and WWF hope the efforts achieve the ambitious goal of doubling the number of tigers in the wild by 2022. By conserving nearly 2 million acres of protected land in India and Bhutan, this collaboration aims to ensure a healthy habitat for future generations of tigers.

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