Golden Globes: Agencies (Not Just Shuttlegate) Stole Afterparty Thunder

Winners like Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio were spotted skipping the post-Globes soirees in favor of agency-hosted events. Says a source, "The actors are tired of talking to media and selfie requests."
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Jennifer Lawrence

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Bypassing the shuttles — and many of the afterparties at The Beverly Hilton — were Golden Globe winners such as Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio and studio chiefs like NBCUniversal's Ron Meyer and Fox's Stacey Snider, who instead headed to talent agency shindigs. (Lawrence did stop for photo ops at the Fox party while DiCaprio hung there as well for a short time, chatting with Tobey Maguire).

CAA hosted its annual post-Globes private event at Sunset Tower, where Beyonce and Jay Z hung out, while WME gathered its clients, including Matt Damon, who was seen smooching with his wife at Chateau Marmont down the street. (A source said that UTA also had a private bash at an undisclosed location.)

The scene inside the hotel was noticeably more quiet, and while some industryites blame security and the shuttle mess, other explanations have surfaced. The Globes afterparties have "become too much," says a source. "The actors are tired of talking to media and selfie requests. They just want a private party where they can relax."

Even Taylor Swift and her girl squad — notable Globes party guests in 2013, 2014 and 2015 — stayed away. But contrary to the saying that the best parties happen in private, one prominent talent manager hissed to THR about CAA's Friday night bash at Soho House: "It was insane. We had to wait an hour to get in."