Golden Globes Rambling Reporter: Jimmy Fallon's Private Afterparty, A BAFTA Tea Emergency and More

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Host With the Most Events

In the run-up to his first turn as Globes host, Jimmy Fallon made the most of his week in L.A. He kicked off with a Jan. 5 dinner with producer and wife Nancy Juvonen at The Beverly Hills Hotel, followed by a bash at the Malibu home of NBCUniversal vice chair Ron Meyer, where Oprah Winfrey, Barbra Streisand, Lorne Michaels, Jeff Bezos, Ted Sarandos and Katy Perry also partied. The Tonight Show star got the crowd moving with David Bowie's "Let's Dance" on a night that preceded the late icon's 70th birthday. After the Globes, Fallon hosted a fete till 2 a.m. at WeHo's Delilah, where Leonardo DiCaprio, Jon Hamm, Sarah Paulson, Andrew Garfield, Jonah Hill and Sienna Miller ate chicken sliders and deviled eggs.

Zsa Zsa's Widower on the Town

It's been less than two weeks since Zsa Zsa Gabor's funeral and her husband is finding his way in life without her by hitting the red carpet. Spotted outside the Weinstein Co. and Netflix party around 10 p.m. on Jan. 8, Frederic Prinz von Anhalt tells The Hollywood Reporter that being out makes him feel good. "I'm alone now and I have to get used to that life. It's a new life for me and the only way is to get out and meet people and represent my wife," says the 73-year-old, who lost his son in a motorcycle accident days after Gabor's death at 99 years old. "She wanted me to be on the red carpet. We live here and that's what you do because we are one family in Hollywood."

La La Land's Big Night

The record-setting win for La La Land — a total of seven wins, the most by a single film at the Globes — capped off a dizzying run of events, screenings and parties to close out 2016 as the team turns their attention toward the Academy Awards race. But first: Damien Chazelle and his collaborators took a quiet moment to celebrate the HFPA success by ducking into West Hollywood's A-list hideout Craig's, which has become the go-to for intimate post-awards gatherings. (The restaurant hosted George Clooney and friends following his best picture Oscar win for Argo in 2013.) Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that La La Land producer Marc Platt paid to reserve the restaurant just in case they'd have something to celebrate. But instead of hosting a big celebration, the dinner proved to be an exclusive affair with only the cast, filmmakers and members of Platt's family. Producer Fred Berger, who accepted the best picture prize onstage, tells THR: "All of these moments are amazing but there are other special moments you remember, like just having a drink with your pals. That's when you get to absorb it all."

The Globes' Other Heroes: Edgerton and Simmons

Just before 4 p.m. in the lobby outside the ballroom at Four Seasons Hotel L.A. during the Jan. 7 BAFTA Tea, a middle-aged woman fell down, hitting the wall as she lost consciousness. Four people, including Loving star Joel Edgerton, responded. The actor crouched down to check on her as a guest ran to get a medic, who arrived within seconds. "She had a fainting spell," a bystander told THR. No word on whether she was a BAFTA member; hotel insiders couldn't comment, citing privacy issues. … Meanwhile at HBO's Jan. 8 party, Russell Simmons also helped a woman who fell.

Joan Collins on Meryl Streep

Joan Collins and her husband, Percy Gibson, were spotted by THR on the smoking patio at Weinstein/Netflix and when she was approached for a quick interview the legendary star was quick to speak up. "I already know what you're going to ask me," predicted Collins. "You want to know what I think of Meryl Streep." She was right. So? Collins said she found the pointed speech about President-elect Donald Trump to be very impressive. "She's the greatest actress of our generation — of any generation — and she has a right to her opinion. Looking at the audience, it seemed that everybody agreed with her," said Collins, adding that the highlight of the night was seeing a musical win so many awards. "I truly, truly hope Hollywood makes more musicals because I grew up with all those great MGM and Fox musicals and I would love to see more." She'd also love to get some face time with her friends. "We're supposed to meet our friends here. Have you seen Donna Mills and Lisa Rinna?" Collins asked THR. "Who else is here?"

Hollywood's 2017 Resolutions

Hitting the year's first major awards show where booze, buffets and desserts flow as easily as compliments isn't always the most compatible pairing for sticking with New Year's resolutions. But Moonlight director Barry Jenkins says he's doing A-OK. "I'm trying to be gluten-free and I haven't touched a piece of bread yet," he admits. "I feel way better — it's crazy. I started two weeks before the new year so I could roll into the new year." Also rolling along is Captain Fantastic director Matt Ross, who is following his hero Steven Soderbergh's lead by writing down everything he eats and watches. "I'm trying to analyze it all," admits Ross, who also cut sugar. "If I see a movie, I'm writing my own little review of it just for myself to think deeply about the material. It's only been seven days so far, but I've done really well for seven whole days." As for ICM Partner's John Burnham, he's got nothing. "I'm strategy-less," he laughs. "I would break them anyway." Outlander star Caitriona Balfe won't break hers. "I gave myself a word. I can't say what it is, but it's more of like a mantra of how I want to live for the whole year. A couple of years ago it was 'No fear,'" says the Golden Globe nominee. "This year is something new."

Hot Catch L.A. Gets Hotter

Golden Globes weekend proved to be big business for West Hollywood seafood outpost Catch L.A., which snagged CAA's pre-awards event from Soho House. Held on Jan. 6, the party drew Tom Ford, James Corden, Jon Favreau, Miles Teller, Lily Collins, Naomi Campbell, Jared Leto, Chris Pine, Michael Mann, Jerry Bruckheimer, Ryan Murphy and Zach Braff, the latter of whom is probably the most excited to attend an event at the new restaurant. He's an investor. "It's so cheesy to say, but I put my money where my mouth is. I invest in where I eat and I truly love the food," he tells The Hollywood Reporter. His restaurant portfolio stretches to Salt's Cure on Highland and Santa Monica Boulevard, as well as Mermaid Oyster Bar at 79 McDougal St. in New York. "Basically I invest in restaurants I love," says Braff, who directed the upcoming Going in Style.

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