Yes, Gwyneth Paltrow's 'Goop Lab' Poster Is Exactly What You Think It Is, Says the Artist

Gwyneth Paltrow_goop - Getty - H 2020
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for goop

Yes, that poster for Gwyneth Paltrow’s upcoming Netflix docuseries, The Goop Lab, is supposed to look like a vagina.

"I was trying to think of subtle ways to nod to female genitalia," admits Reagan Marshall, the 43-year-old freelance creative director who designed the key art for Paltrow’s wellness show that premieres Jan. ?24. The program will cover topics ranging from energy healing to anti-aging, but Marshall, who is gay, took his cue from an episode on female sexuality.

"We tried everything from incredibly graphic — what you would see in a physiology book — to a parting of curtains," he says. "The funniest thing is, they couldn’t have picked someone more unfamiliar with all of it. The last time I saw a vagina was when I was coming out of one — with my eyes closed."

The Goop Lab is the latest offering from Paltrow's Santa Monica-based company, which she opened up about onstage at last fall's Elle Women in Hollywood Awards, detailing why she launched it in the first place. "I had this incredible passion to try and move culture forward in a different way and create a space where we could help women eliminate shame," she said. "It has been the most rewarding thing of my life, really. I would just say, you know, I’ve been so astonished. I have a company now of 250 mostly women, and to go to work with them every day and to see what’s possible when women put their heads together and ... hearts together."

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