HBO Max Schedules Summit to Coincide With Debut of 'Transhood' Doc

Courtesy of HBO Max

On the heels of the HBO Max debut of Transhood, the streamer is launching the TRANSlation Summit.

Scheduled for Nov. 17-19 (nightly at 7 p.m. EST), the summit will stream on HBO’s YouTube channel. Designed to foster informed and educational conversations around what it means to raise transgender children, HBO partnered with Human Rights Campaign, Family Equality, and PFLAG National for the virtual series. Each day has a different them: transitioning, growing up trans and advocacy.

The summit is presented by Human By Orientation: HBO’s Human By Orientation platform elevates and celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community - encouraging people to express their proudest, queerest selves. It will be hosted by Laith Ashley and will include keynote speakers Schuyler Bailar, a trans NCAA men's athlete, and activist Ashlee Marie Preston. Talent from the film will also be featured.

Directed by Sharon Liese, Transhood tells the stories of four families over a five year period as a member of each family moves forward on their journey. The Hollywood Reporter's Robyn Bahr wrote in her review that the film is "gentle and absorbing."