Hollywood Email Hell: Publicist's "Reply All" Quickly Turns Ugly

Kim Correro accidentally replied to an entire address book about a new NBC show, causing a four-day flood of messages to industry contacts.
Courtesy of NBC

On July 20, when Nancy Seltzer & Associates publicist Kim Correro answered an email requesting submissions for new NBC series Give, she didn't realize she was replying to the original sender's entire address book, which had been grouped under an alias.

A flood of reply-all emails asking to opt out soon began hitting the inboxes of Untitled Entertainment's Jason Weinberg, Slate's Simon Halls and Robin Baum, Viewpoint's Jennifer Allen, Hive Collective's Bumble Ward, 42West's Meredith O'Sullivan Wasson, celebrity chef Cat Cora, Rogers & Cowan's senior vp Shannon Barr, Silver Lining Entertainment's Jonathan Knight and APA partner Lindsay Howard Parker, among dozens of others.

An email chain isn't necessarily a problem, but it can be when annoyed users start "replying all" asking to opt out of the chain, causing a flood of emails. One person on the list told THR that she received upwards of 40 emails even four days after the original email. Another shrugged it off as a simple "computer glitch." Others weren't as kind. "It felt like an assault," quipped another veteran rep.

Clearly fed up, it was Howard who hit reply all with a message to the other users asking to be removed. "I think it is safe to assume that everybody knows no one is supposed to be receiving these emails," she wrote. "The ONLY way this stops is if you guys delete them and stop replying at ALL. … There's no 'opt out.' … For the rest of us, just delete." 

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