'House Party' Cast Set for Rock the Vote Fundraiser

Christopher "KID" Reid and Christopher "PLAY" Martin
Rick Diamond/Getty Images

The stars of House Party are reuniting for a house party in time for the election.

Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin, also known as hip hop duo Kid 'n Play, toplined Reginald Hudlin's comedy from 1990 and they've confirmed participation in a House Party virtual script reading to benefit Rock the Vote. Scheduled for Oct. 23 at 5 p.m. PST, they will be joined by members of Full Force including Brian George, Lucien George Jr. and Paul Anthony; Groove B. Chill duo Gene Alle and Daryl Mitchell; A.J. Johnson; and others yet to be announced.

Per an announcement regarding the event, those participating will read Hudlin's script while also pitching the importance of voting. “Thirty years ago, House Party delivered an honest portrayal of our lives as young black people at the dawn of the hip hop movement. Now, 30 years later, hip hop has become the mainstream and the movie continues to connect to audiences a generation younger than the original moviegoers,” said Hudlin. “Rock the Vote is giving both generations a chance to come together, have a great time, and take our rightful place in helping shape the future of our nation through the underrated but always mighty power of our vote.“

More information can be found here. The House Party crew are the latest to be reuniting in partnership with political fundraisers, joining recent gatherings like Dazed and Confused, Spinal Tap, The Princess Bride and upcoming events featuring the casts of Seinfeld, Private Practice and Happy Days, among others.