How a Doughnut Saved the Last Scene of 'The Affair'

Showrunner Sarah Treem’s 2-year-old son opted for a pink, sugary doughnut versus a $120,000 camera. Says Treem, "My first thought was, 'He's gonna push every button and jam it and we’re never going to be able to wrap this season.' "
Mark Schafer/SHOWTIME
Ruth Wilson in 'The Affair'

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On Dec. 20, the season-two finale of Showtime's The Affair (which racked up a Globe nomination for supporting actress Maura Tierney) will air with familial fireworks. But on set, there was domestic drama as well.

Showrunner Sarah Treem brought her 2-year-old son to Brooklyn's Steiner Studios, where shooting was finishing up in the wee hours on Oct. 26. Treem's husband, Hillary Clinton's former press secretary Jay Carson, was keeping an eye on him when the toddler wandered off to play with a $120,000 Alexa Plus camera.

"My first thought was, sadly, 'He's gonna push every button and jam it and we're never going to be able to wrap this season,' " Treem tells THR.

The fast-thinking mom, pregnant with her second child, distracted the tot with some sugar.

"It was literally wrap," she says of the scene between Ruth Wilson and Colin Donnell. "All he cared about, though, was that camera, and the pink doughnuts at crafty."