How a Scavenger Hunt Became a Talent Agency's Elaborate Staff Promotion

An Agency’s Scavenger Hunt  -Publicity - H 2018
Courtesy of Sarah Schulman
From left: Verve partners David  Boxerbaum, Levine, Amy Retzinger, Jensen, Adam Weinstein and Bill Weinstein.

Some agencies announce promotions in an email. Verve, which has clients including Colin Trevorrow and The Meg writers Jon and ?Erich Hoeber, did something else at its Aug. 16 event for its employees.

With a scavenger hunt thrown by Fantastic Race LA, the 50-plus strong agency broke into teams who started at the Hollywood Bowl, went ?on to downtown's Grand Central Market, public library and other locations, before ending up at Cabo Wabo Cantina in ?the Hollywood & Highland complex.

At the Mexican restaurant, during an awards ceremony, Kyle ?Jensen — who was a Maker Studios exec before becoming an ?assistant to Verve partner Adam Weinstein and moving up the ranks to motion picture coordinator — found himself onstage alone.

Jensen, a space enthusiast who has attended space camp twice, was then joined by a person in an astronaut suit as Weinstein gave a speech filled with space-movie puns: "His hiring made a Deep Impact … Even The Martian has heard of him because his reputation is Interstellar" — and promoted him to agent.

Weinstein choked up as he made the official promotion proclamation, and the mysterious astronaut was revealed to be Jensen’s wife, Sherry, invited to be part of the occasion.

“Going to Verve as an assistant, it was one step back, but it was two steps forward,” said Jensen, who admitted he had no inkling what was going on. “I really believe that this place is a special place. I can’t wait to take this moment and make it just ... blast off. I’m so excited!”

Says partner Adam Levine: "Promotions used to be a rite of passage, something that you remembered for the rest of your life. We wanted to bring that back."

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