How to (Nicely) Stalk a 'Hamilton' Star at Sundance

Documentarian Marshall Curry was at the Park City fest and asked Daveed Diggs to videotape a greeting for his kids, but the filmmaker had some issues getting the recording — twice!
Getty Images
Marshall Curry (left) and Daveed Diggs

Two-time Oscar-nominated documentarian Marshall Curry was in Park City to support his short A Night at the Garden, but the most memorable moments for him at Sundance were his multiple encounters with Daveed Diggs.

Running into the Hamilton star in a hotel lobby, Curry shyly asked whether he could videotape a greeting for his kids, who are fans of the Broadway show.

But Curry accidentally "hit record twice," he says. "All I had was one second of recording." Later that day, the filmmaker again ran into Diggs — this time on the street — who graciously shot another video, except "I [didn't] hit record at all this time."

Five hours later at a party with a friend, Curry spotted Diggs in the room but couldn't bring himself to go up to him a third time. Happily, the friend, producer Davy Rothbart, did, and Diggs finally self-recorded the video.

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