How Twitter Solved a Missing Tux Issue for an Emmy-Nominated 'SNL' Writer

Nick Kocher accidentally grabbed the wrong garment bag after his flight to L.A. from New York, resulting in a mad scramble on social media to rectify the fashion emergency.
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Saturday Night Live writer Nick Kocher turned to the internet on Emmys weekend for help with a fashion emergency. After landing at LAX from New York's JFK on a Delta flight on Sept. 15, Kocher realized that he had grabbed the wrong garment bag.

Instead of his own — containing a navy Calvin Klein tuxedo that he looked "fresh as fuck in" — Kocher was holding someone else's, so he posted a lengthy plea on Twitter to his 15,000 followers detailing the dire situation.

"Whoever has my bag is also going to the Emmys, because I have their bag and there's a suit and tuxedo in it. Repost this. The more people who see it the better."

His post got retweeted more than 4,000 times, eventually making its way to Matt Lappin, a producer on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. "DUDE! I have your clothes! I had to wear your jacket last night, and you were right. I looked fresh as f-ck! How do we meet?" Lappin wrote in his message to Kocher, shared by the latter on social media.

The two met up and swapped garment bags but not without this "fun fact" from Kocher about their situation: "Matt works for Colbert and is nominated against us, so while this looks friendly, he is my dire enemy and I wish him ruin."

He was only kidding, but one Twitter user wasn't when he slammed Kocher's plea and likened it to "an overwritten SNL sketch" that "was done to get some publicity for himself close to Emmy time."

Kocher and Lappin had the last laugh, though, reuniting on the Emmys red carpet outside the Microsoft Theater and posing for preshow photos. "You guys. YOU GUYS! Sometimes the internet is great," Kocher posted. "Thanks to everyone who gave attention to this instead of things that are actually important!"

Unfortunately for them, both went home empty-handed as the Emmy went to the writing staff on Last Week Tonight With John Oliver. Kocher declined a request for comment while Lappin could not be reached by THR.

(For a hilarious recap of the entire garment bag fiasco, let Kocher walk you though here.)


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