The Inside Scoop on Bruce Bozzi's New Palm Restaurant-Based Radio Show and His Dream Guest List (Including a WME Partner)

brucebozzi instagram Screen Shot-Selfie at The Palm- Richards and Bozzi- P 2016
Courtesy of Instagram/brucebozzi

Bruce Bozzi is adding a major menu item at his Beverly Hills power lunch spot The Palm. The restaurateur and husband of CAA partner Bryan Lourd has launched his own SiriusXM radio program, Lunch With Bruce.

Bozzi, executive vp of Palm Restaurant Group, tells The Hollywood Reporter that the idea for the show came up after he and his best friend of 25 years Andy Cohen sat down for a chat on the latter’s Sirius show, Deep & Shallow. They recorded it at The Palm and had a lively conversation, which included the hum of the restaurant, dish about who was there (Bob Daly and Goldie Hawn at that moment), what they were eating and a general feel for what it’s like to be in one of the industry’s most prominent power lunch spots at peak dining time.

“It was so easy and there was no agenda. That prompted Andy to suggest this show, Lunch With Bruce.” So they booked it on Cohen’s radio channel and the project officially got underway in August, kick-started with a roster of high-profile industry names, many of whom are close friends. Bozzi has already sat down with Brian Grazer, Matt Bomer, Ryan Murphy, jeweler Neil Lane, Brad Falchuk, Glenn Powell and, most recently, Kyle Richards. “It’s us having a true lunch. You can hear us chew and talk about who is in the room. People have really responded — it’s fun to listen to."

When asked about his dream guests, Bozzi answers that he’d love to sit down with a diverse roster of names, everyone from moguls to actors and even real estate stars including Ted Sarandos, Sherry Lansing, Brad Grey, Amy Pascal, Linda Gray, Gwyneth Paltrow, publicist Simon Halls, Rick Hilton, Jeff Hyland and lawyer Steve Warren.

“The beautiful thing about this show is that I approach people cautiously. I don’t want anyone to feel compelled to do it because there’s no agenda. I’m not going to put anyone in an uncomfortable spot. It’s fun chit-chat over great food in a fun environment,” he explains. “I’m a restaurateur in the hospitality business. I want them to feel comfortable. And it should feel organic to the room, which mixes industry and the glamour of Beverly Hills, while hearing a really good story about someone’s life that I can learn from.”

One person’s story he’s eager to hear is WME’s Ari Emanuel, even if that seems surprising to those who closely follow Hollywood’s agency wars. “I’d love to sit down with him and hear his side of the agency business.” Bozzi says he hopes to do as many episodes as possible. "It's really about my availability and ambitions."

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