Jesse Williams, Rapper The Game Attend Private Black Lives Matter Summit With 100 Industry Insiders

Jesse Williams_The Game_Split - Getty - H 2016
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Jesse Williams_The Game_Split - Getty - H 2016

The industry is taking action in the wake of the Philando Castile and Alton Sterling deaths that caused nationwide unrest and preceded the killings of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge, La. On July 13, Cedric the Entertainer hosted a private town hall to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement with about 100 industry insiders, including Jesse Williams, rapper The Game, Nate Parker and Beyonce's mother, Tina Knowles. The Game posted a video from the event at Cedric the Entertainer's home, which can be seen below.

A rep for Cedric the Entertainer didn't respond to a request for comment, but ABC's Black-ish creator Kenya Barris, who wasn't in attendance, tells THR he expects these kinds of events to multiply. "It's about starting a conversation, and those grassroots conversations are the ones that start them," he says. Adds Courtney B. Vance (also not an attendee): "As someone once said, we need to talk about our differences until our differences don't make a difference. The more people, police departments and organizations can talk and realize that we have a lot in common, the more we realize that we need each other."

Barris already has tackled the movement, though not by name, on season two of his Emmy-nominated series starring Tracee Ellis Ross. Will he continue the conversation on-air? "We'll see. I want it to be organic and feel natural and not feel exploited."

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Tonite a meeting was held. A meeting of African American celebrities at a private location & things were discussed..... Everyone shared their objectives, opinions & views on political, non-political & everyday issues that have plagued us as a people for hundreds of years...... Well, this time we're collectively taking a different approach at burying these problems once & for all. This is a fight for everyone..... Not just blacks, but everyone.... & all races, ethnicities, cities, states, countries & continents were brought up & we had a very peaceful meeting where voices from all entertainment groups were heard & no leaf was left unturned.... We as a HUMAN RACE were all affected with the past weeks tragedies & we ALL want immediate change... So gather as you may, in groups or movements of your choice/race or gather diversified & have theses conversation.... They are all important. Keep an open dialogue with one another & that will resonate in the lives that we are all trying to save going forward, especially OUR YOUTH !!! WE ALL MATTER & tonite we took another stab at the end goal & that is to BETTER THIS WORLD NOW, not just for the moment but to make an impact that will drive out NEGATIVITY & welcome LOVE worldwide...... The haters, naysayers & negative minds will exist... They too will be reformed as time progresses & change presents itself on a world scale.... One day at a time my people..... & as we all prepare ourselves for tomorrow... I will part by saying, I LOVE YOU ALL... Rest well