J.J. Abrams' Office Forces Visitors to Sign 'Star Wars' Secrecy Contract

Some who enter Bad Robot's Santa Monica building are placed under the veil of secrecy in case they overhear anything 'Force Awakens'-related.
Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

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Sources say some visitors to J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot offices in Santa Monica are being made to sign nondisclosure agreements in case they overhear anything Force Awakens-related (even for non-Star Wars meetings). Abrams neither confirms nor denies the NDAs to THR ("That might be true …") but does joke that they are pushed on anyone who looks "suspicious."

He coyly adds: "But I've never had to sign an NDA at Bad Robot."

He's clear when it comes to how he will feel after the film's premiere. "It's been exhausting not being able to talk about it, which is why when a friend or someone in my family has seen the movie, it's such a release to be able to ask specific questions and try to make this thing better."