Julia Louis-Dreyfus Wants Less Attention at Son's Basketball Games

Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Northwestern v Gonzaga Game - Getty - H 2017
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Classes at Northwestern University begin in late August on the Evanston, Illinois, campus where Julia Louis-Dreyfus' son, Charlie, is enrolled. And if he and his basketball teammates have as much success as they did in the spring — when they earned a trip to NCAA's March Madness tournament for the first time in school history — you can expect his mom to be in the stands alongside her husband and Charlie's father, Brad Hall, cheering the action.

This time, though, the actress might opt for a more incognito look. "The whole thing was just [mind-blowing] — we couldn't believe any of it," says the five-time Veep Emmy winner about the squad's winning ways. "It's such a good team, they're such great kids, and my son's having a gas, so, I mean, what more could you ask for?" Louis-Dreyfus answers her own question: "I wish they hadn't put me on the Jumbotron so much because you're really there just as a mom!"

Speaking of parental duties, she also said that her son gave her a heads-up before filming a special locker room interview with one of his teammates that went viral thanks to Charlie's comedic talents. "He called me and said, ‘Hey Mom, I’m doing some behind-the-scenes interview stuff,’ and I said ‘Oh that sounds like fun, honey!’ " she recalls of the clip. "Next thing I know I’m watching ESPN and there’s my boy Charlie interviewing people ... and Charles Barkley introduced him! But I’m actually glad I didn’t know [more] because then I’d be wringing my hands thinking, ‘What’s he gonna say? How’s this gonna go over? I need to be there, I have to edit it, I’ve gotta tell him what to do. … But anyway he was fine, he doesn’t need me, it turns out."

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