Justine Bateman to Graduate UCLA in June, Plans Tech Career

"The technology we have available is not being used, and we don’t have to tell stories in a line anymore," Bateman, who wants to run her own entertainment tech company following her summer graduation, tells THR.
Angela Weiss/Getty Images for Art Los Angeles Contemporary
Justine Bateman

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The new year is a big one for actress-turned-college student Justine Bateman, 49, who will graduate in June from UCLA with a degree in computer science and management. "My Vikings class was super fun, and I have loved the computer science classes. Coding for me is like a boyfriend that makes you really upset and then you can't get enough of him," she tells THR.

Jokes aside, Bateman (who will be 50 by graduation and has documented her experience on Tumblr) is serious about her future and has her eyes set on returning to the industry.

"When I graduate, I will either run a division of a company that is tech and entertainment together, or I'll get funding for my own company with a focus on taking current technology to film far more complicated stories," she says. "The technology we have available is not being used, and we don't have to tell stories in a line anymore. We can tell them in the shape of a tree. I can't stand to see it not happen, and I'm going to make it happen."