Kaitlyn and Mady Dever Debut First Official Single, Music Video From Band Beulahbelle

Kaitlyn Dever and Mady Dever - Getty - H 2020
Emma McIntyre /VF20/WireImage

Today is the day: Kaitlyn and Mady Dever just debuted the first official single and music video from their band Beulahbelle.

It's a track titled "Raleigh," and Kaitlyn told The Hollywood Reporter that it's basically a dream come true for the sister singer-songwriters, who have been dabbling in the music industry for a few years. "We're so, so happy with the results, and it's exactly everything we wanted it to be," she said while standing on the blue carpet at Saturday's Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, where she supported Olivia Wilde and her Booksmart peers. The film took home the trophy for best first feature, and it was the latest honor for a project with Dever's name on it following a breakout year that also included Netflix's limited series Unbelievable, for which she received a Golden Globe nomination.

But even with the recent crush of work and a resume that goes back more than a decade, the 23-year-old admitted that teaming with Mady to direct, produce and star in their debut music video might've been the toughest thing she's ever done. "I’ve always been an actor and that's it. I've never been in the producing world and gotten a taste of what that kind of job takes. Getting someone locked in to DP, then getting everyone on the same dates, and then everyone has to be on the same page with the concept, and the budget goes up. I'm dealing with this on a very, very small scale — so small — but it made me realize like, oh, it's too hard making movies," she previously said. 

The hard work paid off. What the Devers have created is a dreamy clip, inspired by Abba, among other influences, that features them in an ivory-colored bedroom, singing and mimicking each other with modern dance-style movements. "We had a lot of inspiration that we were pulling from, and everything worked out perfectly," added Kaitlyn, who got inspired to continue on a creative path that could include more producing and directing. "It lit up so much in me that I'm now interested in the idea and the prospect of developing something early on with a writer that I really love," she said. "As an actor, I'm so up and down with work. I'll be doing a movie that's shooting for four months, and then all of a sudden I have nothing. I have to constantly create because I get really impatient when I'm just sitting and not doing anything. So I have to continually create and keep my brain working."

It's been working for years on music. She and Mady, 21, had songs on the soundtrack of the 2018 Charlize Theron film Tully alongside the Velvet Underground and Rufus Wainwright for filmmaker Jason Reitman.

Check out Beulahbelle's "Raleigh" below.