Cannes: Behind Laurent Lafitte and Catherine Deneuve's Very Surprising Display of Affection

Laurent Lafitte Catherine Deneuve - H 2016

Cannes opening-night master of ceremonies Laurent Lafitte may be best known now outside France as the man who made a rape joke at Woody Allen’s expense, but he doesn’t want anyone to forget how he shared a kiss with living legend Catherine Deneuve.

The lip-lock came during the irreverent ceremony, and Lafitte admits to The Hollywood Reporter that it was his idea. "I would have preferred it was hers," he laughs, before adding that she came in from Paris specifically for the kiss.

The two rehearsed it two times before taking the stage with no lines to memorize. (Deneuve walked in from center stage, kissed Lafitte for 10 seconds and immediately exited.)

“She’s a very good kisser,” gushes Lafitte, who declines to comment on his relationship status. “She’s very funny and very elegant and very classy.”

The show of affection may have come as a surprise to gala attendees, but not Deneuve. When asked about the kiss by THR during the L’Oreal-sponsored afterpartyDeneuve offered matter-of-factly, “I gave the kiss so I was not surprised. I felt fine.”