Longtime Lakers Fan Dyan Cannon on Kobe Bryant's Life After Retirement: "It's Going to Be Hard"

Dyan Cannon and Kobe Bryant GETTY - H 2016
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Dyan Cannon can't stop, won't stop. 

The veteran Los Angeles Lakers fan and courtside fixture continued to relive her experience inside Staples Center on April 13 as a witness to Kobe Bryant's final game in a Lakers jersey when The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the actress at a Stella McCartney brunch and shopping event benefiting H.E.A.R.T. a day later. 

"I can't stop talking about it. I can't stop thinking about it," Cannon declared. "If you were going to write an exit could you write anything better? The clutch shot at the end! Sixty points! Twenty years playing basketball! In all of the years that I've been going — and I've been going since Jerry West was playing and he fell on my lap and spilled coffee all over me — I've never, ever seen a crowd like that."

Nor has she ever seen crowds like that. (Just check the Twitpic posted by radio voice of the Lakers John Ireland below.)

"Thank God I knew people because from the valet parking to getting inside took an hour and a half," Cannon explained of the crush surrounding Staples Center. 

But just as interesting as the mobs of people are the wads of cash people paid to get inside. 

"My friend sold his ticket to charity for $25,000, and that person went on StubHub! and sold it for $30,000," Cannon detailed. "And there was a beautiful young man from China — gorgeous young man — who flew here just for the game." (Perhaps a guest of CAA Premium Experience and iRENA?)

Cannon admitted that she turned down multiple offers for her prime seat. She said: "I can't even tell you what I was offered, but no way, it's history."

She would, however, speak about Bryant's new chapter, one without basketball. "It's going to be hard for him," she remarked of the legend whom she calls "a friend." "When David Beckham spoke in the tribute video that was played during the game, he said the same thing. It's going to be hard on Kobe, and he knows."

As for her beloved Lakers, Cannon is more optimistic about the future. "We're going to have a great, young new team," she said.