M. Night Shyamalan Read Online 'Servant' Fan Reactions Thanks to Stephen King

Servant Lauren Ambrose, Rupert Grint and Toby Kebbell
Apple TV+

Thanks to Stephen King, Oscar-nominated M. Night Shyamalan broke his personal rule of never reading what's written about his work online.

The iconic horror scribe posted a pair of glowing tweets about Shyamalan's latest Apple TV+ series Servant — a spooky family thriller about a couple grieving the tragic death of their newborn by clinging to a reborn doll and the nanny who was hired to care for it — calling the show "extremely creepy and totally involving" and "spooky as hell."

The praise spurred Shyamalan to click on one of the tweets and scan some of the comments underneath. "The third comment said, 'I love it but there's no way Night knows where this is going," he said during a March 28 virtual premiere and Q&A. "I do know where this is going! This is why you don't read this stuff."

He has said he has a full plan mapped out — with 60 episodes. Apple TV+ has yet to announce a formal commitment but filming is underway now for the third season.

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