Man/Kind Project Launches Virtual Series With LAPD's Michel Moore and Black Lives Matter's Melina Abdullah

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images; Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

The Man/Kind Project — a nonprofit that operates with a mission to fight racism and intolerance — is launching the online series Tears: The Event Against Racism and Stereotyping on March 6.

According to event organizers and a website created for the series, it features members of the Black Lives Matter movement, the Los Angeles Police Department and other community members and activists. The first episode — titled CommUNITY / ReSOLUTION – serves as the kick-off for the series that will include a total of six episodes. Among the participants are LAPD chief Michel Moore and Black Lives Matter Los Angeles co-founder Dr. Melina Abdullah along with host Anne-Marie Johnson, who said it would be the "first time they are discussing the same issue at the same time.” Contrary to THR's initial post though, Moore and Abdullah are not in conversation with one another, per a tweet from Abdullah who said she would never be in conversation with Moore.

The free multi-episode virtual series will be premiering six episodes beginning March 6, a date that marks the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in Dred Scott v. Sandford. It was a case that ruled against enslaved Scott, who had sued for his freedom while living in a free state. It is universally condemned as one of the worst Supreme Court decisions and often looked at as an early example of systemic racism.

All content can be streamed online.

March 2, 1:28 a.m.: Corrected to reflect that Moore and Abdullah will not be in conversation, only featured on the same virtual program.