Mark Ruffalo Wages Anti-Fracking War on Gov. Jerry Brown

"For too long, Gov. Brown has put the fossil fuel industry above all others," the actor said at a press-free meeting at UTA headquarters, which was held to address the environmental consequences of fracking.
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Mark Ruffalo

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Mark Ruffalo is still as mad as Hulk over fossil fuel extraction — and now the politician he wants to smash is California Gov. Jerry Brown (who, despite otherwise impeccable green credentials, has allowed use of the controversial oil extraction technique known as fracking since he took office). On Nov. 4, Ruffalo held a press-free meeting at UTA headquarters in Beverly Hills — attended by Channing Tatum, Sony's Michael Lynton, Norman Lear and wife Lyn — and presented a new 20-minute anti-fracking documentary called Dear Governor Brown, directed by Jon Bowermaster (who also did Dear Governor Cuomo).

“On November fourth, I brought together leaders of the entertainment industry for the launch of Hollywood United for a Healthy California," Ruffalo tells THR of the group he's involved with. "Our industry generates billions of dollars in revenue for the state of California, and for too long Governor Brown has put the fossil fuel industry above all others. We are standing up to tell Governor Brown that fossil fuels are bad for the state of California, and if we want to grow a vibrant economy, we need to keep oil in the ground. Building out all the solar in the world means nothing if California keeps extracting and dumping fossil fuels into the atmosphere."

Adds Norman Lear: “California can’t be a leader in climate change without dealing with our oil-drilling problem. Oil drilling is California’s dirty secret, and we have to bring it out into the light."