Mary J. Blige Makes a Big Exit at Golden Globes Bash

The singer-actress and her entourage cut through the crowd at the Chateau Marmont with help from a security team shining flashlights in partygoers' faces.
Mary J. Blige

W magazine's pre-Golden Globes party Jan. 4 at the Chateau Marmont penthouse was, as always, packed. But singer-actress Mary J. Blige, 46, and her entourage didn't have trouble cutting through the crowds.

Her personal security team cleared a path by shining flashlights in people's faces and brashly announcing, "Make room, coming through!" The tactics raised eyebrows among some of the other guests, which included James Franco, Aziz Ansari, Sam Rockwell and Kyle MacLachlan ("Wow, that was an entourage," the Twin Peaks star was overheard cracking).

But double nominee Blige (for a fierce breakout turn playing matriarch Florence in Mudbound as well as writing "Mighty River" for its soundtrack) is thinking like a movie star these days. "More scripts are coming my way, and I'm going to definitely continue to do more acting," she recently told THR. "I'm interested in doing a Marvel film, playing a superhero who fights and trains and gets all muscled up. I definitely want to do something like that. Everything doesn't have to be Florence again, but drama is good. I'm down with drama." 

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