Rambling Reporter Gets Random With ... Mindy Kaling

Stop asking her about being brave in her fashion choices and start inquiring about the chic vacay she's taking with Reese Witherspoon.
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Mindy Kaling claims the back 13 episodes of the current season of Hulu's The Mindy Project are "the funniest we've ever done." The streaming service must've agreed because Hulu just announced a deal to pickup the former Fox comedy and critical darling from Universal Television for a fifth season.

But her work on the series isn't the only funny thing she's done recently. Kaling sat down with her fellow executive producer Matt Warburton for Rambling Reporter's random interrogation. Here's how it went …

Last night I …
Mindy: Watched a cut of one of our episodes and sent Matt a couple of emails.
Matt: Ate way too much Chinese food.

The show I can't wait to binge watch is …
Mindy: The Americans.
Matt: Game of Thrones.

The role I most wish I'd played is …
Mindy: Cleopatra
Matt: Mindy Lahiri [Kaling's character on The Mindy Project, for those who didn't get the reference.]

I can't wait to work with …
Mindy: Irrfan Khan
Matt: My hands, as a carpenter.

The best vacation I've ever taken was to …
Mindy: Montana. I'm a real outdoorsy, hiker, ATVs kind of person. I'm a cowgirl essentially. A person of the West. My favorite author is Cormac McCarthy, which makes sense. I love the country of our great nation.
Matt: Switzerland. I went snow-shoeing.

The most days I've worked in a row is …
Mindy: 365, right? With our job, you work a lot.
Matt: If you do what you love, you never work a day in your life.

The last phone call I returned was to ..
Mindy: My line producer to talk about some financial logistical issues on our show. I'm being very honest and boring actually saying what it's like having our jobs as showrunners. I wish I could be like, 'I called Reese Witherspoon to talk about this sexy vacation we're taking.' But that's not the case. I should've lied.
Matt: My mom to make our Mother's Day plans.

The last time I cried was because …
Mindy: I saw an ad during the Today show for the American Cancer Society about a girl with cancer being taken to prom and she had a shaved head. And I cried. It was very moving.
Matt: Something I watched on Frontline about Syria.
Mindy: We also cried this afternoon when our lunch order got messed up.
Matt: I'm crying right now.

The item in my home or closet that I can't live without is …
Mindy: My alarm clock.
Matt: My hoodie. My Hulu hoodie.
Mindy: It's true, he wears it all the time. 

I'm consistently amazed by …
Mindy: My writers' ability to write me amazing, funny stuff.
Matt: The constant positive attitude of our cast and crew.

I'm consistently repulsed by ….
Mindy: Sexism.
Matt: Our writers' eating habits.

What I love about Hollywood is …
Mindy: There's a nice forgiveness that Hollywood has, when people make missteps, and a rejoice in people's redemption.
Matt: I love that I get to work with my friends.

What I loathe about Hollywood is …
Mindy: I'm not crazy about the pay inequity between women and men. I have a secret solution to that problem that I have been quiet about. I'm just kidding. I've been here 10 years and I think things can move actually pretty quickly in Hollywood and I think we'll see some major changes soon, in the imminent future.
Matt: It's easy to say that everyone wants to fix the diversity problem in TV writing and so forth and it's frustrating how a difficult the problem is to fix.

The question I wish someone would ask me is …
Mindy: What shows do you wish you could write on?
Matt: How do you always look so pretty?

So, let me ask you that: What shows would you like to write for?
Mindy: Thank you! So many! I would love to have written on The X-Files in the early '90s. I would love to have written for Saturday Night Live in my early 20s. It would be fun to write or direct an episode of Silicon Valley, I love that show. The actors are super funny and the writing is nuts.
Matt: Can I answer hers? I would say Twin Peaks, Northern Exposure, Seinfeld, Letterman right when he went to CBS.

The question I wish people would stop asking me is …
Mindy: How am I so brave to wear the outfits I wear? Where do I get my bravery in fashion? Anything about bravery or courage when it comes to fashion and the way I look, I would love to not have to deal with.
Matt: I feel very brave day to day, but nobody ever asks me where I get that from. A question people ask TV writers from people who don't know how TV writing works that is really annoying is, 'Which character do you write for?'

My alter ego is …
Mindy: I sometimes feel like my alter ego is like an 11-year-old girl who sits in front of the television all day doing her homework. I don't know if that's an alter ego, or my inner real self.
Matt: I don't think I would be a superhero, but I would be the guy that sits in the bat cave and talks to Batman. Batman's butler, basically.

Matt Warburton and Mindy Kaling attend "The Mindy Project" FYC event at NeueHouse Los Angeles on April 12, 2016. (Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for Hulu)