Nikki Haskell's Vintage Talk Show (Featuring 1980s Trump) Gets Added to Amazon Prime

Donald Trump and Nikki Haskell split-Getty-H 2016
John Moore/Getty Images; David Livingston/Getty Images

Amazon Prime has just added a new series to its streaming lineup: The Nikki Haskell Show.

The vintage talk show, which debuted in the early 1980s on cable TV, features socialite Haskell trotting the globe from New York to St. Tropez and interviewing a number of stars, such as Tony Bennett, Liza Minnelli, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Joan Collins and Rick James. (Studio 54 also gets plenty of air time.)

But it's episode 11 of the 16-episode first season that features an ambitious businessman turned Republican nominee for president named Donald Trump dishing on his plans for New York.

Haskell has been friends with Trump for decades, she tells The Hollywood Reporter, even getting him and then-wife Ivana Trump to sit down with her for the same episode. But his comments about Manhattan and money are especially intriguing.

When asked for his opinions on the city, he slams New York's West Side. "I personally don't like the West Side. It's not for me," Trump tells Haskell, before responding to her question about his business motivations. "The money ultimately doesn't matter for anybody."

What is he more concerned with at the time? "Creativity," he says.

As for Trump's campaign to get to the White House, Haskell admits that while "nothing would make me happier" than to see a woman win, right now she "continues to be very supportive of Donald. I am like a member of his family."

Haskell adds that by September she hopes to have 100 episodes uploaded to Amazon Prime while she works on an updated version of her show, titled Flashback to the Future, which she'll soon be pitching around town.