Olivia Munn Partners With Shelter Project to Promote Pet Rescue

The actress talks to The Hollywood Reporter about her new PSA with Shelter Pet Project to promote the benefits of adopting pets from shelters, why she makes her own dog treats and what she got her dogs, Frankie and Chance, for Valentine's Day.
Courtesy of Shelter Pet Project
Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn is aware that her dogs can’t read a calendar, but the two pups, Frankie and Chance, definitely know when a holiday has arrived. 

“I never thought I would be the person who would spend money during the holidays for a pet … but they get stockings at Christmas and they got toys and a special cookie on Valentine’s Day,” the actress tells The Hollywood Reporter of her efforts to make certain days stand out, something that doesn’t seem that extravagant compared to the love she says she gets in return from the rescue pets.

That’s why Munn didn’t blink when asked to take on a new project as an ambassador for the Shelter Pet Project. As part of the partnership — in collaboration with the Ad Council, Humane Society of the United States and Maddie’s Fund — the actress appears in the organization’s just-launched #AdoptPureLove PSA campaign, as do notable names Rachel Bloom and NFL star Logan Ryan. (Bloom is seen with shelter dog Wiley, while Ryan stars opposite his shelter dogs Leo and Julius.)

Munn’s spot features the distinct personalities of Frankie and Chance and shows the actress’ silly side around her home. In an interview with THR, Munn also opened up about how devoted she is to giving her dogs a loving home life. She makes their dog treats from scratch, cooks breakfast and other meals for them and even concocts a special water for Chance to prevent vomiting, something he struggled with due to an enlarged esophagus. “I make it with alkaline and homeopathic drops, and he no longer throws up,” she confesses.

Custom water aside, Munn, who next stars in the Starz series The Rook, says she’s hopeful more people discover shelters where potential owners can find whatever type of pet they are in search of. “Right now, there are millions waiting to be adopted,” Munn explains. “Whatever kind of dog you want, whether it’s a super fancy pure breed, a street dog, a hypoallergenic dog, there is a shelter that has those dogs. Or cats. There are so many just waiting for a loving home right now. And when they are adopted, they know that they have been rescued and they have so much gratitude in their hearts.”