PETA Shows Support for Jada Pinkett Smith's Ivory Tusk

Viewers of Smith's Oscar-boycott Facebook video posted on Jan. 18 were quick to point out the faux replica on display in the background.
Steve Granitz/WireImage
Jada Pinkett Smith

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Internet investigators noticed an ivory tusk on display in Jada Pinkett Smith's Jan. 18 Oscar-boycott Facebook video, calling all communities and people of color to “take back our power” and boycott the Oscars.

Pinkett Smith quickly denied the tusk was real, a fact backed up by a 2011 Architectural Digest story on her family's Malibu residence. 

PETA spokesperson Lisa Lange tells THR that her organization is A-OK with the actress: “She has a strong love and respect for animals and helped PETA protect circus elephants in her native Baltimore by asking the mayor to enforce the bullhook ban each time that Ringling Bros. came to town. Jada has a big heart, and we're happy that she chose vintage replicas, proving that animal parts aren't for decoration — unless they're faux,” she says.