Mayor Pete Buttigieg Reschedules Week of L.A. Fundraisers After South Bend Officer-Involved Shooting Death

Pete Buttigieg speaks at the National Action Network's annual convention - April 4, 2019- Getty-H 2019
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg's campaign schedule is in flux following the shooting death of a black man by a police officer in South Bend, Indiana, where Buttigieg serves as mayor. 

Buttigieg pressed pause on campaign activities to return home to South Bend, where he held a press conference Sunday night to offer updates on the shooting and the investigation. Earlier in the day, police responded to a call about a suspicious person going through cars and during the check, a man exited a vehicle and approached an officer with a knife. That officer opened fire and the man — later identified as Eric Jack Logan, 53, of South Bend — died at a local hospital, the Associated Press reported

During the press conference, Buttigieg explained his prompt response to the matter. "One of the reasons we're communicating upfront right now is because of lessons learned from members of the community. We've had prior cases of use-of-force incidents and officer-involved shootings where I hesitated, frankly, to get in front of cameras because we didn't know very much, and it was out of our hands," he said. "I know that whenever an incident like this happens, there is tremendous hurt that can come about. That the city will be hurting. And we will be striving to reach out to community members, to community leaders, to keep the channels of communication open, even as we wait for more facts to come in."

A source tells The Hollywood Reporter that while that happens, upcoming events are off the books until further notice so that Buttigieg can be with the South Bend community. Other events are moving forward without him: Buttigieg was due to deliver a speech Monday in New York at a Democratic National Committee LGBTQ gala, but his husband, Chasten Buttigieg, is said to be replacing him.

It's unclear how long Buttigieg will remain in Indiana, but a series of events in Los Angeles are making moves in the wake of the development. Buttigieg was due to attend six high-profile campaign fundraisers with a number of influential Hollywood names and, the same time, he was set to oversee a policy rollout. Multiple sources close to the fundraisers said word spread quickly Monday about the shooting and the change in schedule, offering that no firm decisions have been made as to when the events can be placed back on Buttigieg's calendar. Some say events could be held as early as this weekend, while others are still awaiting word from Buttigieg's camp. 

THR obtained a copy of Buttigieg's itinerary for Tuesday and Wednesday and it included six stops, starting with a lunch on Tuesday co-hosted by Nicole Avant (former ambassador to the Bahamas and wife of Netflix chief Ted Sarandos), Jill Goldman, Vicki Kennedy and Jeff Klein at Klein's members-only San Vicente Bungalows. Co-hosts for the lunch include Colleen Bell, Kawanna Brown, Mandana DAyani, john Di Minico, Carol Ann Emquies, Lena Kennedy, Lauren King, Mai Lassiter, Carla du Manoir, Irena Medavoy, Jane Nathanson, Daryl and Robert Offer, Amy Oresman, Damone Roberts, Wendy Riva, Nadine Schiff, Ina Treciokas and Erin Westerman. 

Buttigieg's second stop was to be an afternoon reception hosted by Tim McNeal, vp diversity/inclusion for Disney-ABC, where his co-hosts included Vikrum Aiyer, vp global policy for Postmates, and Shmel Graham, associate attorney at Sheppard Mullin, and featuring other executives and insiders from the worlds of tech, digital, finance and venture capital. 

Buttigieg was set to end the day at the home of former CAA agent Michael Kives — who departed the agency to launch media and financial advisory firm K5 Global — and his wife, nonprofit attorney Lydia Gray. On their RSVP list was CAA's Richard Lovett, MGM's Jonathan Glickman, UTA's Darnell Strom and recently engaged couple Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom.

On Wednesday, Buttigieg was booked for breakfast at the home of top Hollywood political and philanthropic advisor Greg Propper, who was ready to host HBO programming chief Amy Gravitt, actor Chris Colfer, A-list manager Eric Kranzler of Management 360, Scooter Braun advisor Shauna Nep and entrepreneur/investor Howard Sherman.

An afternoon reception at the home of Ease Entertainment's Mike Rose and Ruben Rodriguez would have played host to John Gile and Jeff Valenson; Marc Ware; Craig Dougherty and Tony Leonhardt; Nick Hess; Trevor Allen and Ben Costa; and Brian Pendleton.

The fundraising stop that has received the most press attention thus far was the big-ticket one Buttigieg had scheduled to close out this most recent L.A. blitz. On Wednesday evening, he was planning to take center stage at the home of Ryan Murphy and husband David Miller, who put their names on a host committee that included CAA’s Bryan Lourd and husband Bruce Bozzi; CAA's Kevin Huvane; super-producer Greg Berlanti and husband Robbie Rogers; Matt Bomer and husband Simon Halls; Jess Cagle and husband Matt Whitney; casting director Tammy Billik; luxury real estate broker Jonathan London; Duane Cote and Virasb Vahidi; Billy Eichner; Gile and Valenson; and Fred Karger and partner Joe Wagner. 

News of the scheduling change comes as Buttigieg's campaign had been rolling along and securing loads of contributions along the way. His team announced that it had raised $7 million during the month of April, as much as Buttigieg had collected during the entire first quarter.