PR Firm DKC Launches Division Aimed at Bridging Gap Between Brands, Black Culture 

Javid Louis Pristina Alford Reggie Dance Stephen Elmore
Courtesy of DKC (4)

Javid Louis, Pristina Alford, Reggie Dance, Stephen Elmore

DKC — the full-service PR, digital communications and content production agency — has launched a new division aimed at bridging the gap between brands and Black culture in the digital and media space.

Called DKCulture, the division will specifically advise clients on how to do that while also offering services to produce work that links purposeful content with large multi-channel communication campaigns, utilizing in-house PR, social and diversity, equity and inclusion expertise. At launch, the division will focus on the Black community while expansion is eyed to include other underrepresented groups including the Hispanic and LGBTQ communities later in the year.

DKCulture is staffed up and ready to roll under the guidance of Reggie Dance, who will serve as senior vp and PR lead; Javid Louis, senior vp and social lead; Pristina Alford, senior vp and publicist; and Stephen Elmore, diversity, equity and inclusion lead. The move comes on the heels of a wave of corporate commitments to boost inclusivity and diversity following Black Lives Matter protests across the U.S. last summer. Today’s announcement cited an independent DKC Analytics study that over the last year, 40 percent of consumers became more inclined to support brands that actively advocated for the Black community, which marked a 24 percent increase.

“This past year showed us there is still a widespread lack of understanding on how to properly communicate with the Black community,” said Dance in a statement. “Brands realize that they need to do a better job engaging Black consumers in a meaningful and authentic way. This is where DKCulture steps in, helping develop impactful programming that will create conversations and build brand loyalty.”

Added Louis: “The Black community has been hugely impactful in driving trends and adoption across social media platforms, but brands have not properly leveraged these influential users. Our goal is to help educate and navigate the intricacies of reaching and properly representing Black consumers while recognizing creators for their work.”

Company president Sean Cassidy said DKC has always been in the mix on advising clients on important issues and this is no different. “Never has that been more critical, as our clients confront these necessary and consequential conversations,” said Cassidy.