Rambling Reporter Gets Random With ... Juliette Lewis

The Juliette and the Licks lead singer isn't too shy to say that she made love last night, is rarely angry and wants to be remembered by a Manfred Mann song.
Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images
Juliette Lewis

Juliette Lewis claims to be tired.

Juggling fatigue and a phone call on a rainy day in Los Angeles, Lewis relays that she's got a tight schedule that calls for travel and press commitments to pump the (happening right now) European tour of her recently reunited band, Juliette and the Licks, and the (happening right now) Tribeca Film Festival screenings of short rock documentary Hard Lovin' Woman.

She stars as the title character, and the Red Bull TV project (streaming here as of April 23) is a 28-minute peek into that part of her persona, as seen through the lens of longtime friend Michael Rapaport, an actor turned filmmaker who previously directed the music doc Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest.

"I've known Mike for 20 years," explains Lewis, who wanted to offer a behind-the-curtain look as a love letter to fans who showed up for the band over the years. "I knew I would be safe in his hands because he understands me in a way that nobody else does. It is ultimately a positive and, I hope, inspiring story."

The story, you remember, about the start of this phone interview is that she claims to be tired. But it's clear after the first finish-this-sentence random interrogation that she's got plenty of energy left to be real, have a good laugh and be a brilliant interview subject.

Last night I ... made love. I mean, come on. I'm in a beautiful relationship. So last night, yes, I made love. [Page Six reports that her boyfriend is Rage Against the Machine drummer Brad Wilk, who is currently on tour with her band.]

The show I can't wait to binge-watch is ... are they still doing Locked Up Abroad? That's my jam. I binge-watch that.

The role I most wish I had played is ... Roy Scheider's part in All That Jazz. I want to remake it but make that part female. It doesn't make sense because its all about Bob Fosse's life. But, actually, I don't really wish I had played anyone's part in anything — I'm fine.

I can't wait to work with ... Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. He, to me, is the holy grail. Alejandro and Noah Baumbach are guys on my bucket list to work with.

If I had to switch careers tomorrow, I would be ... I'm so loving — I would be in healing arts. I would do reiki or work as a nutritional consultant. I'm really big into alternative medicine and healing practices.

The one thing people don't get about me is … that I don't get angry often. It takes a lot for me to get angry, and I rarely would ever show that to anyone. Because of Natural Born Killers, people think I'm angry and violent, and I'm neither.

The best vacation I've ever taken was to ... I just go to Cabo San Lucas. I was thinking about moving there to be a beach lady and leave it all behind.

The last phone call I returned was to ... my sister. Yesterday.

The last time I cried was because ... because of my relationship. I cried happy tears — intimate breakthrough tears. What can I say? I'm an honest person. I also burst into tears because it's the first year since my dad passed. Sometimes I think of him when I'm listening to music in the car, and I cry.

What I love about Hollywood is ... the diversity of experiences you find at work. You never have the same experience twice. There is rarely a dull moment, and you meet lots of interesting, and sometimes uninteresting, people.

What I loathe about Hollywood is ... fear and desperation that seeps through people's pores. It's a sad affair.

The most shocking thing about this election season is … oh, my God. Can you put that in all caps: OH, MY GOD! The most shocking thing is that a reality star who has no grace or real intelligence would be running for office. It's shocking. We are living in the movie Idiocracy, which has a pro wrestler as the president. That's what we are living in right now.

The question I wish people would ask me is … I want to ask them about them. I don't want to be asked about myself. I want to give love and hugs and find out about others.

The question I wish people would stop asking me is … it's such a different time now, with social media. I feel like people are getting more of me, and nobody is really asking me anything that bothers me. I'm so proud of my past work.

My favorite place in L.A. is … my sister's house in Los Feliz with my nieces. I also love this hike near Griffith Park that takes you up on a mountain, and you see all of L.A.

When I'm onstage with my band, I feel … that connection to all the goodness and ferocity of life. Close to God, and what I mean by that is the connectivity to the essential and incredible force in all people. That, to me, is Godliness.

The item in my home or closet that I can't live without … protein powder. I have to constantly fuel this energy machine. I eat meals but still drink protein powder. Also in my house, my little beautiful best pal Teddy, my pup. He's part chihuahua, part terrier. He's an angel baby, and you can see him on Instagram.

When I'm gone, I hope people will say ... I can only close it out with a Manfred Mann song, "Blinded by the Light." I don't want people to say anything. I want them to listen to Manfred Mann's "Blinded by the Light," and they will catch my vibe. That's my theme song.