Rambling Reporter Gets Random With ... Nick Cannon

Nick_Cannon - Getty - H 2016
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Nick_Cannon - Getty - H 2016

Nick Cannon knows exactly who he wants to be — a tireless, multi-talented performer like the legend Bob Hope.

"I pattern myself like that," says the rapper, actor, comedian and current host of America's Got Talent on NBC. And he's not kidding. "I don't put myself in a box at all. Bob Hope would do everything from stand-up to movies to hosting the Oscars." 

Cannon is trying to do it all, but he took a break from juggling to fit in this random round of questions for Rambling Reporter ...

Last night I ... didn't sleep. I never do.

The show I can't wait to binge watch is ... Unsung — my favorite show on television. Tells all the stories of great entertainers that have come before.

The role I most wish I had played is ... Al Pacino's role in Scarface. I mean, it's such a badass role. He embodies the underdog/villain so well and takes it to a whole other level.

I can't wait to work with ... Denzel Washington.

If I had to switch careers tomorrow, I would be ... an underdog superhero. Like one of those vigilante dudes from Seattle.

The best vacation I've ever taken was to ... I've never taken a vacation. A vocation is my vacation.

The last phone call I returned was to ... my office, to talk to my assistant.

The last time I cried was because ... I was filming Chi-Raq. I cried during one of the last scenes I was in with Jennifer Hudson and Angela Bassett.

The item in my home or closet that I can't live without is ... my diamond shoes.

What I love about Hollywood is ... it's the land of make believe.

What I loathe about Hollywood is ... it's the land of make believe.

The last drink I had was … a shot of wheat grass 15 minutes ago.

My favorite song right now is … Kevin Gates' "2 Phones."

My motto is … I'm a motto dude. Life isn't about the number of breaths you take but he moments that take your breath away.

When I'm gone, I hope people will say ... he was a good guy.