'Rambo' Publicist Solicits "Deranged" Blurbs From Film Critics

Critics have been struggling to find anything nice to say about Sylvester Stallone's Rambo: Last Blood, which opened Sept. 20 (a "massively enlarged prostate of a film," Peter Bradshaw described it in The Guardian). Luckily for reviewers, though, a publicist working on the movie is offering her own suggestions for blurbs.

"The studio is very much looking for quotes," she wrote in an email sent to critics who attended a screening. "If you enjoyed the film and would like to offer one, here are some examples." She then proceeded to proffer "Absolutely deranged, a must see," "Shit gets ridiculously barbaric," and "Last Blood is bloody satisfying indeed," adding that Lionsgate was particularly interested in phrases like "RELENTLESSLY SAVAGE" and "A BONE-CRUSHING BLAST."

"Don't mean to put words into your mouth," the publicist closed her request, "just offering some input." Indeed.

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