Russell Brand to Speak at Wellness Gathering in Palm Springs

Russell Brand - Getty - H 2018
Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Russell Brand is headed to the desert.

The actor, comedian, podcaster and pro-meditation guru will be one of the featured speakers at Wellspring, a wellness gathering presented by Wanderlust designed to bring together innovators, teachers and socially conscious companies for conversations, lectures, exercise and other wellness-related activities. On the Wellspring program, Brand's name is featured alongside such notables as Marianne Williamson, Glennon Doyle, Paul Hawken, Seane Corn, Mark Hyman, Dave Asprey, Alicia Silverstone, Ana Ivanovic, Kyle Cease, Marc Holzman, Mark Groves, Ken Nwadike Jr. and Light Watkins. The event is set to take place Oct. 26-28 at the Palm Springs Convention Center.

Ahead of his trip, The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Brand to discuss why he signed up for this particular gathering, and he said that it falls in line with his greater curiosity about connection. "I’m interested in talking to people in a milieu or context not primarily about entertainment but about learning and connection," he says. 

Being that he discusses wellness-related themes on his podcast, Under the Skin, how will he work out what he'll say? "I’m not going to," Brand says, simply. "Instead, I’m just going to work out that I’m in the right state mentally. It’s different when you’ve been booked to entertain because you have a clear set of obligations. Here, I’m talking about something I think about and interact with all the time. If I’m truthful, it will all be okay."

He is already booked to interact with Williamson. While in Palm Springs, the two will sit down for a live podcast recording for Under the Skin.

"I’m very interested to see her," Brand says. "I don’t know much about her journey other than she’s serious about God, so I’m interested to learn from her."

Brand adds that he's always on the hunt for podcast guests from whom he can learn: "The guiding principle is that I still believe that a better society is waiting to be born out of this one, so I’m interested in talking to people that I feel have got ideas or observations that are going to be critical in collating a worldview that is meaningfully different and meaningfully better than what we’re experiencing now."