Sally Field Is "Not Terribly Optimistic" About Hollywood Becoming More Diverse

"Appalling" and "lousy" is how the actress describes the current state of affairs in the industry.
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Sally Field

Oscar winner Sally Field isn’t convinced that Hollywood’s current dialogue of diversifying the entertainment industry to make more room for women and people of color in the storytelling process is going to translate into results.

“Honestly, I’m not terribly optimistic at this point in my lifetime that I’m going to see a whole lot of change,” Field tells The Hollywood Reporter's Kim Masters on KCRW’s The Business, set for broadcast on March 7. “Maybe that’s because I’ve been here for over 50 years and I haven’t seen a whole lot of change.”

Field, who appeared on the radio show with her Hello, My Name Is Doris director Michael Showalter, calls the gender and diversity disparity “appalling” and “lousy.” 

“Women have been saying it for a long time, but we’ve been called sissies and whiners and all sorts of other names," she says. "In a lot of ways, it’s the African-American community and the people of color — whether they be men or women — that are actually screaming out louder than women by themselves were able to scream out and be heard. They’re being listened to more than just women."