Sarah Jessica Parker Urges People to Embed in New York for Post-Pandemic Recovery: "We Owe It to the City"

Sarah Jessica Parker
Daniele Venturelli/Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images

Sarah Jessica Parker has seen the headlines and read the stories trumpeting the demise of her beloved New York City that, like many metropolitan areas, has suffered greatly amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

More important than the “not terrifically helpful” ink is being a part of the city’s revitalization, says the actress, producer and business owner with SJP shoe stores. “I go to work, I go to the stores. I walk the streets. We go to our local grocery stores. We try to order in from restaurants. We continue to support our local independent booksellers. For a lot of us, we're just trying to keep contributing to the city,” explains Parker to The Hollywood Reporter during an interview to discuss her narration duties on a short film titled Inside & Outward that focuses on the mental health challenges of living during a time of extended isolation.

“So many of us have had good fortune here, and we owe it to the city to embed ourselves in its revitalization. We have to find a way to support our businesses so that there is a reason to come home, and that's the only way I can imagine this Phoenix rising from the ashes, is to keep reinvesting. Not just financially, but also emotionally,” explains the star, who has practiced what she’s preaching by opening some of her SJP shoe store locations. “I have a responsibility. I employ a bunch of people. I want to be able to provide them with their health insurance and their salaries, so I'm hoping that I see other small businesses doing it. I'm encouraged by that, I'm inspired by that. I just think it's the only way for us to not let a sort of inertia dictate the future.”

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