Sharon Stone Leaves Manager of 30 Years

Stone, who signed with Mosaic's Paul Nelson and CAA, says it was time her rep matched her new mindset: "I'm not on that same shore anymore. … I'm quite different as a result of that swim through shark-infested waters."
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Sharon Stone

In Hollywood years, Sharon Stone and manager Chuck Binder had been together for a lifetime. But the Oscar-nominated actress and die-hard philanthropist quietly parted ways over the summer with Binder, by whom she had been represented for more than three decades.

She signed with Mosaic's Paul Nelson and CAA, and Stone tells The Hollywood Reporter that at 59 years old she feels like a new person and it was time her representation matched the new mindset.

"I was with him for 30 years," she says of Binder. "It was time for me. I’m not on that same shore anymore. I’m on a new shore. I'm quite different as a result of that swim through shark-infested waters. I need people who are going to see me differently with fresh eyes and understand that this is a very different person now given all of the things I’ve been through. I’m looking for a different type of car."

Stone made the remarks at Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills after moderating a discussion for Women's Brain Health Initiative. During the panel, she mentioned some of the things she has survived including divorce, losing and regaining custody of her son, and surviving several health problems including a stroke. 

"It's been a very long and very arduous journey, obviously," she says. "These are life-changing events; you have to be willing to not hang on to the life you had before. You have to say goodbye to the shore and know that there is a big ocean you are going to have to swim across. Sometimes you swim so long that you think all you’re doing is swimming, and one day you turn around, you are standing on another shore and you don’t even know how it happened because you’ve been focusing so much on the swim."

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