Emmys: Jason Isaacs Criticizes Sean Spicer Cameo as Backlash Grows Over "Normalization"

Sean Spicer's shock appearance at Sunday's Emmy Awards continues to divide Hollywood as a number of stars took to social media to slam his cameo and the supposed attempt to rehabilitate his reputation and "normalize" the Trump administration. 

Spicer's appearance was one of the must-see highlights of a largely uncontroversial and gaffe-free evening, but in the aftermath of the show, it has quickly become a hot topic on social media.

British actor Jason Isaacs, in particular, didn't hold back in an Instagram post in which he excoriated Spicer's political past and his personal appearance. Describing the pol as a "modern day Goebbels," Isaacs knocked Spicer as short and "deeply unattractive, from inside and out," with the "aura of a giant festering abscess."

Isaacs' full-throated criticism is doubly significant as he is set to play Captain Lorca in CBS' hotly anticipated Star Trek: Discovery. CBS produced this year's Emmys with the network's star late-night talent Colbert taking on hosting duties. 

Other politically active stars, such as Zach Braff, Alyssa Milano and Seth Rogen, have also criticized the move to have Spicer on the show. 

Ironically, one of the Trump administration's biggest critics, Emmys host Stephen Colbert, was behind the Spicer cameo idea. Spicer told THR's Chris Gardner that the idea came together after he "had a conversation with Stephen [Colbert] and his executive producer." Spicer continued, "They came up with a concept, and I thought it was kinda funny. I said I’d be there.”

Gardner described the scene backstage as stars and industry people lined up to take selfies and speak with the controversial former press secretary:

"There were hugs and handshakes in the Microsoft Theatre lobby where Spicer was spotted by The Hollywood Reporter just before 7 p.m., clutching a large beer and posing for pictures with anyone who asked — and anyone who could bust their way through the mob of well-wishers forming around him. One woman, a publicist, bragged that she was happy to share a few seconds with him. 'He felt like a celebrity,' she said. 'And he was enjoying it.' "

Spicer was also mobbed at the Governors Ball afterparty at the L.A. Convention Center. "Spicer couldn’t walk two feet without being besieged by more photo requests. (J.J. Abrams walked nearby without incident.)," Gardner reported.