Summer on David Geffen's Yacht: Jerry Seinfeld, Obama, Oprah and More

The mogul has shared photos of his busy summer on Instagram including posting "Seinfelds…in Ibiza," with Jerry and Jessica posing on the deck.
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David Geffen has had a busy summer on his megayacht, as evidenced by the Instagrams shared with his 37,300 followers.

The movie and music mogul, who seems to enjoy posting pics of famous friends on Instagram, has shared a string of images these past few months including a busy August when he welcomed (at the same time) Oprah Winfrey and BFF Gayle King, Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger with wife Willow Bay, Barry Diller with wife Diane von Furstenberg, and Diane Sawyer. “Great week in Sicily,” Geffen wrote with a pic of Winfrey, King, Iger, Bay and Sawyer with newly-single Dasha Zhukova.

Earlier this summer, Geffen posted, “Seinfelds, LeFraks in Ibiza,” name checking Jerry and Jessica followed by real estate mogul Richard and wife Karen, all posing on the deck in June off the Spanish island, a vacation hotspot. Then there was the aerial view of his 454-foot luxury view in deep blue waters with the caption “visiting Howard and Nancy Marks in Majorca,” referring to the Oaktree Capital billionaire.

Bonus fun: Scrolling through the comments to see who leaves messages for Mr. Geffen; those names spotted down below include Rita Wilson, former William Morris Agency chairman Jim Wiatt, jewelry guru Jen Meyer and music magnate Guy Oseary.

One group he didn’t post, though, was when, in April, he hosted Barack and Michelle Obama along with Winfrey, King, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. (He didn’t need to as the paparazzi snagged plenty of photos of the super A-list group.)

It’s possible to scroll and scan Geffen’s Instagram feed bold-faced names and faces, and stay for the jokes. “Karlie Kloss in Majorca,” reads Geffen’s most recent caption of him sitting next to the supermodel. “Happy not to be standing.”

She is 6’2’’ while Geffen … is not.

Geffen could not be reached for comment.


Diller & DVF, Julianna & Keith, Diane Sawyer, Gayle King, Oprah, and great food at Lo scoglio. Great meal

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