'Transparent's' Jay Duplass Is Wearing a Fat Suit Next Season

Transparent Season 2: Kathryn Hahn and Jay Duplass - H 2016
Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Season four of Jill Soloway's Transparent is scheduled to debut later this year, but star Jay Duplass is giving THR a hint of what viewers can expect for Josh Pfefferman. "I'm wearing a fat suit this year," says Duplass, the weight gain being the result of Josh "going through some shit." Producers opted to have him wear a suit rather than actually put on the pounds.

"We realized very quickly that I can't get fat and skinny per episode because there's not a lot of shooting in order," he says. The past three seasons have seen Josh go through drug use, a muddied music career, a broken engagement, a miscarriage and a long-lost son, but Duplass insists that it will not be all heavy: "It's fun and funny [wearing it]."

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